Hello World!

The elixir of peace is the green earth environment that we contribute to enhancing each day of life. The natural breeze, the open sky, and the green environment that’s the essence of our lives. Surviving every moment of life with every day progresses in our deeds of being the creature in nature. We embrace the opportunity and make it if not there, go to the hilly areas, get fruits from its root by plucking from the trees, relaxing at the serene places like the beach side, and taking an odyssey into the wild. We believe the touch of nature has the power to touch the eternity and beauty of our soul. We believe in entailing you with a lifestyle that serves your body, mind, and environment with good well being.

Engage yourself with the concept of a natural lifestyle as we educate the enthusiast and contribute to the creator. Here’s a marketplace for us to engage with the concept of a natural lifestyle.

As curious as the flowing river, as calm as the dense forest in winters, as noisy as the vibrations of a waterfall & always ready to explore like the flying birds in the sky. I am Prakriti here to commence my journey to traverse, wherein I’ll share my experience & discoveries of the natural lifestyle with you all. Follow me as I begin…