About Us

iPrakriti believes in nature provides the best natural products 

When one starts to recognize and identify oneself as life rather than as humans we realise how isolated existence we are living. Even though living in crowds we are surrounded by less and fewer things that remind us who we are.  That’s is why we at prakruthi bring products that remind us who we are and where we come from. We are here to help you make better choices that will bring health and peace in your life’s.

What we have for you

Here you see products that come from different parts of our nation from different people for different needs and wants, yet they have something similar all the products are Nature-friendly, it means they are made without exploiting the nature and once they are used they dissolve back in nature. 

Prakruthi is not just an Ecommerce website, but also an open platform, where one can find articles, videos other various content that help you learn more about alternative living and people who are striving towards protecting mother earth and guess what you can contribute too about your visit to farms, the little steps that you’re taking to living a better life.

Here we also list about the workshops that are happening in different parts of India on various topics like making your own dye, yoga, community living, mud house building and many more. come to join us and walk along in a path that will lead us to back to Nature. Every time our products are used by you, they remind your body and your soul that you are using something that is part of you .something that reflects your real nature .that our needs and wants are in harmony with nature.

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