Mixed fruit

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We bring to you the refreshing flavor and the rich nutritional value of tropical papaya and Banana. A healthy energy booster for your outdoor activities, whether you are doing sports, trekking or traveling. It is an ideal accompaniment for your tea and nutritious snack for young children. We promote our local economy by sourcing all our fruits from local organic farmers and by paying fair wages to our team ofproducers.

The dehydration process allows for a very long shelf life without the need for any preservatives and additives. As the flavors are exaggerated, no additives or sugar has been added. It is nutritionally rich compared to a similar quantity of fresh fruit. One kilo of fresh fruit is dried to make this 100g packet. This will make you feel satiated with a few bites.

The Common base of this pack is sliced Banana and coconut. Depending on the season, the mix is with Pineapple, papaya or Mango.

Origin Information: The bananas are grown and cultivated on an organically certified farm in Kodaikanal.

Shelf Life: 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Weight: 100 Grams.

Origin Information: All our products are made in Auroville. Dehydrated indoors in a hand-made electric dehydrator, below 45 °C at a small manufacturing unit, specialized in dehydration of organic fruits. Taste of Nature is keen on dehydrating fruits as this process retains the fruit’s health benefits and vitamins while still extending their shelf life and providing an alternative to the traditional consumption of raw fruits.

Weight 100 kg


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