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Mr. ZERO pencil is an aspiring initiative to inspire, support and encourage those who would like to start this revolution. An ordinary pencil is a tool for great creations. However the environmental impact of a pencil can be easy to overlook. The pencil manufacturing unit not only cuts trees, but also uses harmful chemicals that harm the environment. There has been 20.9 % growth in world population with respect to 2009. As the world population increases annually and as the demand for pencils increase, ecological habitats will be destroyed and much CO2 is emitted in the industrial production. On an average 33.5 gram of carbon emission happens on production of one industrial pencil. Not merely that, a single industrial pencil encloses an average of 0.52 Mega Joules of embodied energy due to heavy machinery, process and transportation, and the said energy is mostly extracted and transformed from fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources.


This pack includes 10 assorted varieties of seasonal wood pencils. Each pencil is capped with a variant of finest indigenious seed. Superior quality 2B Grade Graphite for artistic experience and smooth flow. You reduce 33.5 grams of carbon emission from industrial pencils just by switching to ZERO pencil. Anti-global warming initiative to achieve balance in environmental carbon cycle.

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Dimensions 16 × 1.2 × 16 cm


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